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We made it!

It’s a beautiful day in Washington, DC; and combined with daylight savings making the sun stay lighter later (that’s how it works, right?), I had this distinct thought when I disembarked from the metro this evening, into the sunshine:  “We survived!”  

It seems as if winter is through, and thanks to perseverance, hot chocolate, and cable tv, we’ve made it to the spring. Like all good story plots, things get worse, colder, darker before they get better.  My old roomie Sarah reminded me of the Tolkien quote that applies to seasons of the year, and of life: “You can only come to the morning through the shadows.” 

Here comes the sun. . .

Tuesday 3/10 update: It’s not as pretty today.  But this is ok; a gradual “spring-rise” is probably more prudent, since I went a little nutty yesterday and surely blinded some folks in Farragut Square with my bare winter white legs.


One thought on “We made it!

  1. I think that you should blog a little about Gilmore Girls. I know that it’s on reruns, but still, what a classic!

    So excited for 417 Retreat!

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