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This is good TV my friends

Is it embarassing? Maybe, but am I addicted to this season of The Bachelor? Absolutely.  It’s interesting because I don’t really like the guy, Jason– he’s boring and I’m starting to suspect that he’s not really even a nice guy.  The finale is Monday, and it’s down to two girls– Molly and Melissa.  I don’t particularly love them, either.  Why must I watch?

But I can’t not watch this show, especially considering that I need to see it in order to fully enjoy Lincee’s recap of each episode on her blog: www.ihategreenbeans.com.  I don’t know this girl, but I love her take on everything, especially when she points out the girls’ bad grammar and made-up words a la George W.   Someone needs to state the obvious awkwardness of the ridiculous situations that arise when a bunch of women live in a house together, consume a steady flow of cocktails, and then go on helicopter dates or beach dates with a dude. Or when one of the girls wears a scarf paired with a tank top.  Paradoxical.   Consider these deep thoughts as you watch the finale and the “after the final rose” show, which are billed as the most dramatic ever in the show’s history! (Ever? EVER.)

survival of the fittest

survival of the fittest


On the other side of the spectrum of reality tv we find the Planet Earth series, which I cannot recommend highly enough.  I’m not typically an Animal Planet or nature documentary watcher, but the footage in this series is jaw-droppingly, breathtakingly incredible.   The show’s creators do a superb job of using images to tell stories– demonstrating the meaning of the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.

weddingAlong the same lines, I will hereby shamelessly plug the photographer who shot our wedding– Phillip Parker (www.photomemphis.com), whose tagline is: Don’t just hire a  photographer, hire a storyteller.  The perfect concept, I think, for someone who’s capturing your memories and the story of a day.


4 thoughts on “This is good TV my friends

  1. After tomorrow, reality TV as we know it, will never be the same. Who will find the love of their life, and whose dreams of marrying a single dad will be shattered forever??

  2. Guilty. I, too, am hooked. Although I agree with you and Lincee that Jason is remarkably boring (or as Lincee puts it, Melba Toast), I can’t seem to stop watching. I’m glad I’m not alone in this addiction. Are you ready for THE MOST DRAMATIC 3 HOURS EVER tonight followed by what I’m sure will be a hilarious interview on Jimmy Kimmell?? I know I am!

  3. Mary, you’re right, the Jimmy Kimmel interview was priceless, with Jason looking as terrible as he deserves to– “this is real life! These are my real feelings!”

    I admit that I was/am very angry at Jason, somehow behaving as a scoundrel and immature drama queen at the same time. Boo!

  4. josie,
    your old 417 roommates watch this religiously and will always thank you for introducing us to the ihategreenbeans.com. it makes my life go round on Tuesday mornings.

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