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Big-time recs

Movies we love. . .  great scott!  We’ve got a lot of quality to choose from. (Not least– Back to the Future on comcast’s free on-demand movies. This is heavy duty, Doc.)

But along with the rest of America, I’m excited about He’s Just Not That Into You.  Great theatre experience (matinee! obvi.) with some of my best girlfriends (hear that in the Mean Girls mom voice).  Going in with low expectations, we were thrilled with its surprising humor, and how thought-provoking the movie was.  We laughed, we cried, we got paranoid about our own relationships.  And, Ginnifer Goodwin (a Memphian!) was funny and lovely.


To counter-balance this shiny, new, unabashed chick flick (Or is it?  Yes it is, but it’s one that guys will like.)–  my other recommendation is You Can’t Take It With You, Best Picture of 1938.

Frank Capra directs Jimmy Stewart (but it’s not depressing!) and the same girl from Mr Smith Goes to Washington in a sort-of-romantic comedy in depression-era New York.   He comes from a big Wall Street family; she comes from an artsy, do-what-you-love clan, with a mom who writes plays because a typewriter was accidentally delivered one day, and a father and uncle who experiment with fireworks in the basement. Obviously, hilarity and hijinx ensue.  Alongside that hilarity,  the story focuses on what’s important in life, as demonstrated in the character of the sage grandfather, played by Lionel Barrymore.  And so we come full circle to He’s Just Not That Into You, with grand-niece Drew Barrymore in a (thankfully) minor role. 

Love crosses class boundaries!

Love crosses class boundaries!

Some other movie suggestions:  Eliza Joy strongly recommends  , and I’ve heard from multiple people that Gran Torino is excellent.  Some LOVE the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and some say it’s just a repeat of Forrest Gump (which was good, so I guess that’s fine).

But for Valentine’s Day:  In the same way that White Christmas is hands down your best pick for the holidays, Princess Bride is the all-time best romantic comedy.   As John Rote enjoys pointing out, “Love’s tough”– so you might need some Andre the Giant in your Valentine’s Day.

Have a great one!


One thought on “Big-time recs

  1. On Oscar night, Kyle did not want to see the Oscar show, and we went to the bargain theatre and saw “Australia”.

    Think “Snowy River” meets “The Cowboys” meets “Pearl Harbor” meets the “Inn of the 6th Happiness.” It covered a lot of ground, and was certainly worth $2.50! You could probably make a case for throwing “Gone With the Wind,” too.

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