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Corelli and Elvis

So, I finished reading The War of Don Emmanuel’s Netherparts by Louis de Bernieres. I really cannot tell you what it’s about, except communism and capitalism; Indians, villagers, and Europeans; soldiers and guerrillas; violence, power, sex; and also there’s the fantastic and spiritual element that was made famous by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and marks many Latin American authors (though de Bernieres is British)– this is called “magical realism.”  Some of my friends in college got a lot of this in Spanish literature classes, but I feel like I don’t have a good framework to deal with it. . .

The book is first in de Bernieres’ Latin American trilogy, but instead of reading the others I think I’ll try Corelli’s Mandolin, by the same author. (The movie is Captain Corelli’s Mandolin which I haven’t seen.) My brother has apparently been to three weddings in the past year or so featuring a reading from this book, so it must say a lot about love and be very poignant and moving.

But more importantly, happy birthday Elvis!  He would be (or, perhaps, he is!?) 74 years old today.  The DJs on Izzy’s favorite morning radio show were asking listeners to call in with their favorite Elvis song, memory, or story. . . and no one was calling!  I think that’s sad.  My favorite Elvis song is “Suspicious Minds” and my current favorite Elvis “story” is how the King’s legacy endures through his signature gold glasses, even at my classy wedding: TCB

If you’d like to celebrate the birthday, here’s an updated Elvis favorite. ELVIS LIVES!  TCB.


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