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Local News

Add this to the list of things that I hate, along with commercials, moving, packing, DJs and Ryan Seacrest.

Maybe not “hate”– Mom would have me rephrase: “It’s not my favorite” or “I don’t like it all the time.”

Anyway, with this new cohabitation thing, I’m exposed more often to programming I didn’t formerly watch, which generally includes more politics and news on TV (also Fifa World Cup Soccer and NCAA Football on xbox).  I do enjoy the Sunday morning politics shows, but could do without local news with its traffic, weather, “does this contraption work?” segments and segments about fast food restaurants.

BUT since we are getting pumped to celebrate Christmas, let’s not talk about these downers like Ryan Seacrest or Dane Cook; rather, let’s focus on the positive, those things which are our FAVORITE.

My favorite right now is that my office is having a holiday decoration contest (with prizes!), and I am one of I think approx. four people competing.  I’ll let you know if I win, or medal. (Yes, it does feel like an episode of “The Office” as those of us competing are taking it really seriously, but pretending like we’re not.) 

Other current favorites: second-hand furniture, cookies from Potbelly’s, leftovers, the smell of my first REAL Christmas tree!   What are yours? (Mom’s challenge here is to actually post a comment, instead of just emailing it to me– others should benefit from your wisdom!)

We’ve taken a little pause on the “Best of” Christmas movie list, but will get back to that as soon as possible with Christmas in Connecticut (far superior to local news).

“In some ways, you’re far superior to my cockerspaniel.”


One thought on “Local News

  1. Can I request an entry on your love for Survivor? I know that your time in the 417 was not wasted in this category. If you’d like, I can provide you with some insight.

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