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Blogs are in.

A friend of mine (it’s Tall John from Texas) has a habit of letting others know what’s IN fashion or OUT.

However, there’s no need for a giant Texan to tell you that blogs are IN.  Everyone knows this, and so I’m going to go for it myself.  I’m especially directing this to Elizabeth, Anna Kate, and Eliza Joy who are making me feel jealous of their blogs.  If anyone else has a blog I need to know about please let me know, so we can all feel that virtual kinship!

Now, the purpose of this blog will be for me to keep in better touch with people, to let you know what’s going on with me, and of course to entertain; the vehicle for this will be “reviews” — of movies, books, shows, or any kind of story that I encounter.   Izzy certainly knows that when I’m bored, sad, or at a loss for something to talk about (and in many other cases), I’m likely to say “Tell me a story.”  I firmly believe in the formative power of story, and hopefully the blog will be at once a place to reflect on various tales, as well as a picture of what’s going on in my own story.

I’m hopeful that as a side benefit, it will also serve as a forum to discuss or suggest good movies, books, shows, blogs, articles, stories for each other.

(Also, I see this goal and guideline as an evolving one– like or unlike the US Constitution? Discuss.– so if it’s no good I may revise later on.)

Look for these early posts to be about Christmas movies. Izzy and I have loaded our netflix queue with the top holiday movies of all time (according to some non-reputable website).

Happy Advent!!


2 thoughts on “Blogs are in.

  1. oh josie. lindsey shared with me the goodness that you have started. i shall enjoy it immensely. you can find my ramblings at my blog too. so we can feel all that mutal life sharing and stuff

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